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Premec S.p.A.

The Company Premec covers the entire spectrum of the idea up to the ready product.
It owns an individual research and development department, just as an efficient construction. On over 18 modern equipped injection moulding machines can parts
up to a weight of 3 kg be manufactured. The partial spectrum covers parts from that automobile -, telecommunications and sports article industry. Beyond that also
complete building groups can be installed.
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Bipoint S.r.L

The Company Bipoint manufactures plastic injection molds of all type up to a size of
800 x 1.000 mm. All fundamental tool- production-technologies stands to the disposal.
On your desire can be sampled, squirted series or small series.
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Platzhalter Logo Manuela Mussi

Manuela Mussi

The Manuela Mussi translation office simultaneously translates conversations in German
and Italian. Translation of technical and business-related documents and texts top of
their offerings.
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